Beal Rando 8mm Golden Dry Rope - 30m

Beal Rando 8mm Golden Dry Rope - 30m

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At just 37 grams per metre, it takes up little room, but it takes the impact ! On snowfields and steep passages, during mountain walking or skiing, its properties ensure your security.


  • A rope for high level walking and glacier crossing, recommended by BEAL for easy snow routes with no difficult passages, glacier travel and ski touring. Must be doubled up if used for climbing or mountaineering.
  • Markings every 12m to assist tying in
  • A Golden Dry rope is a rope with the core Dry treated, and a sheath of Dry Cover which gives you a rope with astonishing water impermeability and incredible durability
  • Every filament of the sheath and core of Golden Dry ropes is treated with a water repellent chemical that is polymerised at high temperatures for durability before the rope is manufactured resulting in a rope that gains little weight when wet, thickens only minimally, has improved abrasion resistance and has improved running when passed through carabiners and belay devices
  • Sheath percentage = 40%
  • Water absorption: Beal Guarantee = 0.9%, UIAA laboratory = <5%
  • Sharp edge resistance when used as 2 strands
  • 3 year guarantee (normal wear and tear, modifications or alterations, bad storage, bad maintenance, accidental damage, negligence, and/or uses for which the product was not designed excluded)


  • Rope Type:  Twin or Single
  • Diameter:  8mm
  • Number of Bobbins:  32
  • Weight Per Meter:  37g
  • Guaranteed Impact Force:  Twin/2 strands:  8.5kN <br> Single/1 strand:  4.2kN 
  • Guaranteed Number of Falls:  Twin/2 strands: 12 <br> Single/1 strand:  5
  • Sheath Slippage:  0mm
  • Extension During 1st Fall:  36%
  • Static Elongation:  8%
  • Made From:  Polyamid (PA)



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