Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp, Ultra White

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp, Ultra White

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Equipped with a "hybrid power" design that allows for the use of traditional or rechargeable batteries, the Black Diamond ReVolt is a powerful and versatile headlamp that offers long-distance and close-proximity lighting options.

The large TriplePower LED setting and its 130 Lumen output casts a beam over 230 feet! By adjusting the brightness of the beam, you can maximize efficiency and achieve a maximum burn time of 300 hours (alkaline). While the NiMH batteries provide slightly lower Lumens and reduced burn time, they allow you to recharge again and again without having to constantly replace and discard alkaline batteries. Additional lighting settings provide a strobe light for emergency signaling and dual red LED bulbs for preserving night vision.

The ReVolt requires three alkaline AAA (included) or NiMH AAA batteries. A USB cord is included that allows you to recharge NiMH AAA batteries without having to remove them from the headlamp housing. Even with the slightly heavier NiMH batteries, the ReVolt weighs only 3.5 ounces (3.4 ounces with alkaline batteries). A three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for three seconds when the ReVolt is first switched on.

An elastic headband adjusts to enhance comfort and ensure that the Revolt remains securely in place while in use. The housing of the ReVolt is hinged so you can angle the beam as needed for the conditions and the task at hand. A locking function allows you to prevent the ReVolt from accidentally turning on when stowed inside your pack.

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