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ECOtanka Mangopare SS Bottle 800ml

ECOtanka Mangopare SS Bottle 800ml

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This bottle has been custom designed in New Zealand by contemporary Maori artist Aaron Manuel of Visual Intelligence, for ECOtanka.

It comes with the following text description printed on the back of the bottle:

Mangopare (Mah-ngo-pah-re) is Maori for "Hammerhead Shark"; It represents
Strength, Durability & Resiliance
In this design the Mangopare is depicted leaping out of the water. The ocean has always been a dominant force for the Maori people, who travelled great distances in their canoes and had a huge respect for the creatures of the sea. You will often see the hammerhead design in Maori patterns, particularly in the beautiful rafters of the meeting houses on the Marae.

The Mangopare bottle is available in the popular 800ml sports size, furnishing a volume of 800mls (three regular sized glasses). This ECOtanka will fit into most standard bottle holders, measuring approximately 230mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area.

Sports size tankas fit all of the standard ECOtanka lid range and the sports size KOOLER covers.

Product shipped with Sports Top, unless otherwise requested. Also available- Cap top & Poly Loop lid, as shown in other listings on our page. Thanks for your support!

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