Ecotanka Thermo Tanka

Ecotanka Thermo Tanka

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ECOtanka designed the thermoTANKA in 2008 and made the first bottle in 2009. Since then everyone liked the design and copied it, you can now see our design everywhere!! The thermoTANKA was originally designed to keep drinks colder longer due to the insulation function of the vacuum, but people like it so much they now keep hot drinks in the bottle. One bottle for summer and winter!

• Made of 304 high quality stainless steel
• Stainless steel lids available to create an entirely stainless steel interior
• BPA Free and non-leaching
• No lining or inside coating
• Double-walled for extra insulation
• Keep drinks hot or cold for 6+ hours
• Several lid types available for this size including 2 stainless steel
• Reusable and recyclable

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