Fixe Monkey Dry Rope 9.0mm – 60m (Single/Half/Twin)

Fixe Monkey Dry Rope 9.0mm – 60m (Single/Half/Twin)

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This is the rope for climbers who like lightweight and flow, alpinists and classic climbers. It is perfect for climbing “a vista”, testing routes of more than 40 metres, ice or adventure terrain routes. Its Triple standardisation, ENDURANCE construction, filaments with FULL DRY and SPD technology make it an all-terrain rope for all climbers from mountaineers and classic climbers (double or twin) to top sporting climbers. Its design prolongs the life by reducing penetration of ice, dust and sand between the filaments.

• Endurance – Ropes that use Endurance technology slide more easily over their working surfaces: carabiners, descenders, belays, anchors, etc.
• SPD (Spiderwire) – SPD Spiderwire technology optimises the performance of the fibres, achieving optimal balance in the rope as a whole. This increases the capacity of number of falls by 30% and achieves a lower impact force.
• Full Dry – All ropes treated with FULL DRY absorb less than 5% of the rope’s weight in water.
Recommended for practising mountaineering, ice climbing and for wet and dusty areas.

• Weight: 3.48kg
• Number of Falls: 8 (Single), 30 (Half), 50 (Twin)

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