Kershaw Shotgun Shell Folding Knife

Kershaw Shotgun Shell Folding Knife

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The Kershaw 12GAD Shotgun Shell knife has the look of a Shotgun Shell.

It features two blades; one is a non-locking knife blade and the other is a non-locking screwdriver/file.

Both blades are made from AUS6A Stainless Steel for durability and rust resistance. The handle is made from Rosewood with a brass bolster in the form of a shotgun shell making a highly decorative and fun pocket knife.

The Kershaw Shotgun Shell Knife measures 6.5 cm closed. AUS-6A stainless clip blade and screwdriver/file. Rosewood handles with polished brass bolster.

The knife fits fits snuggly in a Cartridge Belt or Shooting Jacket.

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