Mazama Dualocity 3 litre Reservoir

Mazama Dualocity 3 litre Reservoir

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Deliver electrolytes quickly and easily to stay fresh and cramp-free with a no-fuss system that works with your favorite electrolyte.
Mazama’s Dualocity 3 Ltr dual-chambered reservoir puts both electrolytes and water close at hand. Just fill the chambers with your choice of fluids and you’ve got instant access to either liquid via the 2 shoulder strap mounted bite valves.
This versatile reservoir features back-to-back 1.5 Ltr chambers each connected a drink tube set. The unique top fill port opens wide for easy filling and cleaning of both chambers and positively seals every time with a flip of the twin locking levers. Made with a durable, taste-free film sourced from the USA, the system includes left and right drink tubes featuring the original DesChutes bite valve with push button shut off. Each bite valve features an integrated magnetic retention system for tethering the bite valve to a pack strap. Quick connect exit ports make it easy to pull your bladder from your pack for fill-up while leaving the drink tubes on the pack.
Dualocity works great as your general purpose reservoir too, just stow away one of the drink tubes when you’re going with a single fluid. The Dualocity 3 Ltr is designed to fit popular packs with 3 Ltr reservoir carrying capacity.

-Carry both electrolytes and water so you stay energized and cramp-free
-Dual 1.5 Ltr chambers
-Wide-mouth top fill port
-Left and right drink tubes with high-flow bite valves and magnetic retainers
-Quick connect exit ports
-USA-made, taste-free reservoir film
-No BPA or PVC

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