Roca Cuerdos 9.9mm 60m Nature Climb Rope

Roca Cuerdos 9.9mm 60m Nature Climb Rope

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Add a bit of fun and colour to your climbing kit.
One of the lightest and most effective ropes on the market. It is ideal for extreme sport climbing. Easy to handle and clip carabiners to. Excellent shock absorbency properties. HARD CHOC System included.
The new rope from ROCA in 9.9 mm is designed for sport climbing routes. Combines lightness, durability and works fine in all semi automatic belay devices. Excellent for sport routes and multi-pitch equipped routes.
Hard Choc technology: A rope's weak point is its resistance to an impact on a rough rock edge. Conventional ropes break when submitted to this type of fall.
HARD CHOC technology passes this test: a fall on a piece of metal that has a 90 deg angle and a rounded edge with a radius of 1 mm.

They are unique ropes, with no equal.
Every Rainbow has an individual custom print as each rope is hand painted after braiding. A Rainbow will handle brilliantly even in extreme winter conditions, and just think how magnificently it will stand out against a snowy backdrop!

Half of the rope marked by "Middle Mark"

Key features
Single rope
Secure Low Shock
Tot Sec treated

Rope's type: Simple rope.
Diameter: 9.9 mm
Weight per meter: 64 g/m
Impact force: 790 daN
Number of falls: 10
Dynamic elongation: 31 %

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