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Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit Alpha Pan

Sea to Summit Alpha Pan

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Perfect for flipping pancakes in the backcountry, our Alpha Pans’ advanced, PFOA-free, food grade nonstick surface provides excellent heat distribution and a durable, abrasion resistant finish. Both the Alpha Pans and Alpha Pots are made of a high spec hard anodised premium alloy, allowing them to be thinner and lighter but still extremely strong. A sandblasted base adds texture making them more stable on a camp stove.

The unique low profile flip up handle with safety lock provides a secure and ergonomic grip when in use and folds away at the bottom for easy stacking and storage.

Adding functional versatility to the Alpha series cook system, the graded sizing allows the Alpha Pans to nest inside each other for compact packing. The Alpha Pan 8″ nests with the 3.7L Alpha Pot and perfectly complements the Alpha Cookset 2.2.

• Advanced abrasion resistant PFOA-free non-stick coating provides excellent heat distribution for even cooking
• Ergonomic flip-up handle with safety lock for secure and effortless operation
• Textured base for better stability on camp stoves
• Nests with Alpha Pots
• Cleaning: the anodized surface would be damaged by the cleanser used in dishwashers; therefore Alpha Cookware should not be washed in a dishwasher

• Height/Depth: 3.8 cm
• Diameter: 20.3 cm
• Weight: 245 g

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