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Soto StormBreaker Multi-Fuel Stove Combo

Soto StormBreaker Multi-Fuel Stove Combo

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The StormBreaker Stove works with liquid or fuel gas and you can switch from standard fuel canisters to white gas without swapping jets and can even invert canisters for increased preformance in cold conditions using the included wing stabiliser. Stove with hose, tank and fuel support controller comes in at just 443g. Combo includes a handy carry case.


  • Lightweight, convenient and efficient
  • Slip-resistant pot supports
  • Superior wind resistance, cookware sits low to the burner head
  • Easy-care jet
  • Dual-purpose jet
  • Canister liquid fuel
  • The amount of fuel consumed depends on the type of fuel used: if using a liquid mixture, it will consume 250g in about 48 minutes; if using petrol, it will take about 96 minutes to go through 480ml
  • StormBreaker Package includes:
    • StormBreaker stove with hose
    • Smart Pump
    • Stabiliser
    • Heat reflective sheet
    • Maintenance kit
    • Carry case
    • 480ml fuel bottle


Dimensions Stove:
  • In use: 15 x 13 x 9cm
  • Stowed: 6.5 x 6.5 x 9cm
Ignition Manual
Output 3.5 kW, 3,000 kcal/hr, 11,780 BTU Liquid Fuel; Calculated from burning data for 5 minutes from ignition in ambient temperature of 25°C
Average Weight Stove: 454g
Fuel bottle: 190g
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