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Supa-Peg polypropylene tent pegs x 10

Supa-Peg polypropylene tent pegs x 10

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Supa-Peg polypropylene tent pegs with the original large head design are the ideal cost effective solution for camping on sand. They are UV treated for longevity in the sun. Designed by Supa-Peg in 2000, they have a unique Hi-Impact large head with a hook and eye and cutting edges for easy penetration into the ground. Ideal for sand this is the ideal peg for the beach camper.

• Polypropylene Sand Peg
• Large Hi-Impact Head
• Large Hook & Eye
• Cutting Edges
• Designed by Supa-Peg in 2000
• Made in Australia
• 225mm Long

Sold in lots of 10 Only

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