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SMC CRX Pulley
Climbers around he world asked if we could build a lighter CR (Crevasse Rescue Pulley)...
Petzl Partner
The PARTNER pulley is compact and light, yet ensures excellent efficiency thanks to its aluminum...
Petzl Mini
Lightweight Prusik pulleyThe lightweight MINI can handle big loads, but is small enough to go...
Petzl Micro Traxion
High efficiency, ultra-light progress capture pulleyThe MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-light (85 g), ultra-compact progress-capture...
Petzl Fixe Pulley
Pulley with fixed side plates The FIXE pulley is lightweight, compact, and quick to install...
CT Roll'n'lock
Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp (only 80 g!) designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue...
CT Duetto
Twin pulley with fixes side plates that allows easy maneuvering on ropes or cables.DESCRIPTION: •...
Grivel Roller L Twin Gate
The Roller is made by a connector plus a pulley in just one piece. The...
CT Small Rigging Plate
Multi-anchor plate made of hot forged light alloy with 3 lower holes. Description • Breaking...
CT Twister Swivel
Hot forged light alloy ball bearing swivel, ideal for avoiding rope twisting during load hauling.DESCRIPTION:...
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Maillon - 6mm
The standard oval shapes are are the most widely used screw-links. They are ideal for...
Fixe Bolt Hanger - 10mm
With a resistance of 25kN and a capacity for two carabiners, it has three dimples...
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Fixe Bolt Hanger - 10mm - Pack of 50
With a resistance of 25kN and a capacity for two carabiners, it has three dimples...
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Fixe PLX Ring Hanger - 10mm
These are without doubt one of our most popular rappel systems. Always install in pairs....
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CT Ring Hanger - 10mm
AISI 316L stainless steel hanger and ring - 10mm
CT Bolt Hanger 12mm
Multidirectional anchor plates made of AISI 316L stainless steel for outdoor use.DESCRIPTION: • Multi-purpose hanger...
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Stronghold Fasteners Anchor Bolts - 10 mm - Pack of 50
Stainless Steel Masonry Wedge Anchor Bolts sold in packs of 50. Specs Size:  10mm x...
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Aspiring Slackline Line Locker Ring – 6mm – Stainless
Stainless steel ring most commonly used in our slackline kit. Specs 42mm OD x 30mm...
Fixe PLX Belay Station - 10mm - Pack of 10
Description Incorporates two hangers, chain and ring as focal point. Features Belay / abseil station...
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