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Aspiring Abseil Rack

Aspiring Abseil Rack

5-Bar stainless steel abseil rack designed for single or double ropes with the following features:

• Can be used for any rope diameter from 7mm – 12mm.
• Single or double ropes.
• Two top bars are thicker material.
• Breaking strength over 30kN.
• 5 bars gives greater variability in friction.
• Stainless steel frame, bars, and nuts.
• Spacer between two top bars.
• Batch tested and original New Zealand made Abseil Rack, quality controlled manufacturing process fully
compliant with ISO 9001 with testing from New Zealand most respected test lab.

• Weight: 0.265 KG
• Dimensions: 24 × 5.1 × 1.7 cm
• Made in New Zealand
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Rating: 30 kN

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