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CT (Climbing Technology)

CT Nimble Evo B Carabiner

CT Nimble Evo B Carabiner

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Light alloy carabiner, hot forged with ample aperture, ideal for sport climbing and for intense use.

Main characteristics:
• Ergonomic shape with grip on the edge for perfect grip during use, with a double T ribbed profile for an excellent strength/weight ratio and elevated working loads;
• Curved gate version, hot forged, with an ergonomic design that allows an easy and fast insertion of the rope and reduces the risk of accidental release of the rope, with the catch-free closure that prevents accidental snagging during use.

Technical Features:
• Breaking Load Major Axis: 25 kN
• Breaking Load Minor Axis: 10 kN
• Breaking Load with Open Gate: 10 kN
• Weight: 44 g
• Maximum Gate Opening: 22 mm

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