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CT (Climbing Technology)

CT Sparrow Descender

CT Sparrow Descender

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Self-braking descender for work on ropes, which allows the operator to lower themselves on the working line, to position himself on the working line and to ascend the same rope.


• Rescue descender certified to EN 341:2011-2A, work load limit 150 kg with a maximum descent
height of 100m.
• Rope adjustment/ descender device certified to EN 12841:2006-C, work load limit 150 kg. To only
be used with EN 1891 type A – Ø 10.5 ÷ 11 mm ropes.
• Equipped with a breaking spur that creates additional friction on the rope, when used during the
descent, without the use of an additional connector.
• Equipped with a multifunctional command lever with an automatic recall system that allows the
operator to descend at a controlled speed and stop the descent at the desired point without the
need to tie off the device.
• An EBS safety system (Extraordinary Braking System) that is activated if the lever is accidentally
fully opened, reducing the speed of descent instead of increasing it.
• Equipped with a safety lever on the movable flange that facilitates the insertion of the rope in the
transition of the fractionations.

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