Gear Aid Aquaseal Repair Adhesive

Gear Aid Aquaseal Repair Adhesive

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Repair all types of gear failures with Aquaseal FD. It’s a clear, waterproof urethane adhesive that comes in a handy 0.75 oz tube. After it cures, it becomes a flexible, rubber glue that is ideal for fixing outdoor gear that’s in constant motion. It also offers excellent abrasion resistance. So, when fishing waders rip on the river or a wetsuit tears while diving through prickly corals, don’t throw it away. Fix it with Aquaseal FD. It’s also useful as a seam sealer. Don’t let rips, tears, and holes stop you. Patch it up with the all-purpose Aquaseal FD and stay dry.

• Durable – Tough urethane repair adhesive bonds permanently to surfaces and dries clear
• Flexible – Cures to a stretchy rubber that bends with neoprene and other elastic gear
• Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time
• Abrasion Resistant – Keeps gear looking good by withstanding scrapes and scratches
• All-purpose – Bonds to all types of outdoor fabrics including: neoprene, rubber, nylon, canvas and vinyl

• Material: thermoset urethane
• Size: .75 oz (21g)
• Color: clear
• Adheres To: neoprene, rubber, nylon, canvas, vinyl
• Cure Time: 8-12 hours (2 hours with cure accelerator)
• Application Temperature: 60° to 100°F (above 40% relative humidity)
• Use Temperature: -20° to 180°F
• Storage: store in bag in freezer
• Made in USA

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