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Grivel Air Tech Light Evo Crampon

Grivel Air Tech Light Evo Crampon

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The "lightened" 12-point crampon of the Air Tech family. Air Tech Light, in aluminum, is a
close relative of the Air Tech family but thought to have a significantly lower weight.

Suitable for both mountaineering and ski touring. It has 12 points distributed in order to
allow incredible performances on ice and snow. Thanks to the flexible regulation bar, it follows
every movement of our foot.

Adaptable thanks to the Cramp-o-matic, new matic, new classic systems.

Equipped with the famous Grivel proactive Antibott both in the front and the rear.

Its strong points are lightness and stability.


Binding systems:

CRAMP-O-MATIC: A well known system which relies on a nylon speed lever at the rear
and a stainless steel front bale to hold the boot. NEW-MATIC: The plastic harness system
is hinged from two front posts which retain the boot securely even if it has a shallow,
worn front welt or overboots are being used.

NEW-CLASSIC: Both front and rear plastic harnesses are hinged from their respective retention
posts and may be "opened" to facilitate attachment to the boot, then closed securely once the
boot is inside.

ANTIBOTT-Front & Rear: The snow easily builds up under the crampons producing a “ball" that
prevents the points from continuing to bite the ground and creates very dangerous problems of
stability and safety.


Finally in 2003 Grivel put an end to the problems of accumulating snow under crampons with the first
proactive antibott, the one that at every step unloads the snow and that, with its elastic action, takes
advantage of the alpinist's walking movement.

The Grivel proactive antibott remains the most efficient and the only one working in all snow conditions.


Activities: Mountaineering, Ski touring

Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic

Weight: Approx. 600g

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