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Radix Nutrition

Radix Nutrition Ultra 800 Range

Radix Nutrition Ultra 800 Range

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Radix version 8 Ultra meal range is the result of a focused design goal. Maximise energy density.

Designed to provide 800 kcal and 27 grams of protein in a meal that is 30% physically smaller than our Original 600 kcal meal range. With superb nutritional values. Specifically designed for high-energy endurance activities. It is an excellent source of protein, fibre and provides a broad spectrum of micronutrients from natural wholefoods.

We also designed the Ultra range to require less water to rehydrate than any freeze-dried meal on the market. Only 175ml for an 800 kcal meal. Up to 325ml less than competitors.

When you are looking to push your boundaries of endurance and need a high-energy nutrition, the v8 Ultra range of freeze-dried meals are designed for you.


  • 800 kcal per meal.
  • Lightweight - Only 150 grams.
  • Only 175ml water to prepare..
  • Ready in 5 minutes.
  • Up to 40% higher nutritional value than Radix version 7 Ultra range.


  • 80+ key nutrients including 30 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Natural whole food ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Plant-based Meals.
  • Nut free.
  • No-added dairy.

Perfect For:

  • High physical activities levels.
  • Endurance events.
  • Military
  • When space and weight saving are key.
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