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Toaks Titanium Pan - 115mm

Toaks Titanium Pan - 115mm

TOAKS produces high-performance titanium outdoor equipment. We design and manufacture our wares from start to finish, creating reliable tech to enhance the natural experience. TOAKS products are made of premium titanium under the strictest production standards.

Within TOAKS’ catalog, you’d find pots, cutlery, tent stakes, and other elegantly simple outdoor gear. You’d find our highly sophisticated compact stoves, gear optimized to their physical limits. Every product, however, is designed to serve its hiker’s greatest needs.


115mm Pan:
Weight: 45g
Diameter: 115mm
Height: 30mm

130mm Pan:
Weight: 60g
Diameter: 137mm
Height: 28mm

145mm Pan:
Weight: 71g
Diameter: 142mm
Height: 31mm

Heat-resistant handles fold away for compact storage.
Fits POT-900-D115, POT-1000, POT-1100, POT-1100-BH

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