How to filter your water on the track

How to filter your water on the track

When you are out on the track or on any adventure the last thing you want to stomach issues and unhappy bowels! A sure way to prevent this is to make sure the water you are drinking is filtered and clean. There are a variety of ways to achieve this and lots of people choose to boil but this way is time consuming, costly, carrying more gas which increases the weight in your pack. All these options will kill 99.999 percent of bugs and there options that kill virus's too (only nesccasary in certain  countries) 

Below are different options of filtering systems to meet all vairiations of activites and adventures! 

Aqua Tabs - these are a tablet that can be put into 1 litre of water for 30 mins and done. . Pro's - Easy and cheap as they can be pruchased for $14.99 for a pack of 50 :) Con's - they are chemical based and taste a bit blah for drinking over a multiday trip. 

Saywer Squeeze - These water filters are light weight and can be attached to the pouches they come with (includes 2 when purchase) they can always be attached to other bottles with a suitable thread or to a bladder. They can be stored easily in your pack and are cleaned by back washing with a syringe that is included. The flow rate is moderate. Pro's- light, heaps of usage, can be used on many options. Con's - Slower flow rate to filter than other filters, a bit of a pain to clean with the backwash system (still pretty easy though)

These also come in a mini option, the Sawyer Mini, same system just really small and light. Great for fast packing trips and trail runners wanting to lighten there load. The only downside to these is the flow rate is even slower.

The Katadyn Befree water filter these are a Soft flask bottle filter system. The filter easily screws on to the soft flask bottle and you can either drink directly from this or you can  squeeze it into the vessel you are filling up. The filter is easily cleaned through shaking it out in clean water. Pro's - really easy to use and clean! Can be used as a drink bottle as well. Con's - the bottle may not last for ages... I sure you would get a good run with it but compared to the other models of filter. Still a great product!

The MSR Trail Shot this is such a great option for adventure racers and trail runners. It is really light weight and you can place the end of it into water source and drink straight from the pump. This makes it handy to stop quickly, drink and keep moving! The pump system is fast. Pro's light, quick to use and pumps out at a fast flow. Con's - Doesnt attach to anything else so its simple but limited if you want to put it on a bladder or use attched to a bottle.  

Our last but not least! The Katadyn Steripen Classic 3, this is using UV light to sterlize and kill off all bacteria & virus's. The UV pen works in 90 seconds. You will need to purchase a seperate filter to remove larger particles if this is A possibilty. The fact this kills virus's means it is a suitable option for traveling to third world countries such as india where they are prevalant within water sources. Pros- this is very quick, no limited usage over time, lightweight. You dont need a bottle as you can add put it in any container yo are using for water. Cons- they are expensive, they could smash if you are not careful and this model uses batteries which could mean in colder temps it stops working and you need to keep batteries with you. Very flash and high tech filter though and definelty a great choice.  

Whatever you do just remember compromising clean water can lead to disastrious situations and ruin your adventures! Keep safe and filter. 






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