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Beal Diablo Rope Unicore - 9.8mm x 60m

Beal Diablo Rope Unicore - 9.8mm x 60m

The Diablo 9.8m Rope uses UNICORE® technology for easy handling and clipping as well as prolonged rope life and increased safety levels. Due to its very fluid running sheath this rope performs even better when pulling slack and clipping than 'classic' ropes of smaller diameter and lower weight. The 9.8mm diameter of this rope gives it a best use for expert climbers and experienced and vigilant belayers as the easy running quality doesn't provide the same assurance on belay as a larger diameter rope.

• For sporting and high level climbing
• Better abrasion resistance
• Easy clipping
• Constructed with UNICORE® technology which prevents sheath slippage, sheath bunching and allows the rope to stay supple throughout its lifetime
• Sheath percentage = 40%
• 3 year guarantee (normal wear and tear, modifications or alterations, bad storage, bad maintenance, accidental damage, negligence, and/or uses for which the product was not designed excluded)

• Rope Type: Single
• Diameter: 9.8mm
• Number of Bobbins: 32
• Weight Per Metre: 61g
• Guaranteed Impact Force: 8.2kN (80kg)
• Guaranteed Number of Falls: 5
• Sheath Slippage: 0mm
• Extension During 1st Fall: 36%
• Static Elongation: 9.2%
• Made From: Polyamid (PA)

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