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Gear Aid

Gear Aid - Tenacious Tape - Flex Patches

Gear Aid - Tenacious Tape - Flex Patches

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Heavy-duty fabric repairs and vinyl repairs require a permanent patch that won’t puncture or peel. Tenacious Tape™ Max by Gear Aid®, our toughest and most aggressive repair patch, is built for the task.
The flexible TPU fabric is resistant to abrasions, tears and weather making it ideal for vinyl repairs. The super aggressive adhesive provides a permanent bond which is also great for fabric repairs.

With rubber-like elasticity Tenacious Tape Max repairs rips, tears and holes in fabrics, inflatables, metal, vinyl or plastic, forming an airtight and watertight seal that flexes with the material. When only the toughest will do, reach for Tenacious Tape Max fabric and vinyl repair patches by Gear Aid.


Permanent, heavy-duty repair patch with rubber-like elasticity
Ideal for fabric repairs, vinyl repairs, inflatable repair or use on outdoor gear,metal, steel and plastic
Provides instant repairs to rips, tears or holes
Ultra-aggressive adhesive won’t peel or lift
Tough TPU fabric is flexible and resists punctures, abrasions, tears and weather
Cold temperature flexibility
Clear and transparent for nearly invisible repairs
Withstands washing
Will not yellow from UV exposure
Includes two 7.62cm x 12.7cm rectangular repair patches

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