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Kiwi Ultralight Bush Cloth

Kiwi Ultralight Bush Cloth

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Bush Cloth

A Bush Cloth is essentially reusable toilet paper for drying off after peeing in the backcountry.  The front is a soft suede cloth which is used to pat yourself dry.  The back is a waterproof layer with a cool pattern to keep your hands dry and clean.  


Why use one?

In the back country most of us carry toilet paper for use in long drops and try to shake it off, or drip dry when we stop to pee on the side of the trail.  The “shake it off” method works great if you are only out for a day trip, but on longer tramps this becomes a hygiene issue.  Using a Bush Cloth is a great way to keep yourself clean and cut back on toilet paper usage.


Kiwi Ultralight Bush Cloths come in multiple colours & patterns.  You can choose for it to be shipped with a mini carabiner or retractable cable with mini carabiner for attaching it to your pack.


Weight: 15g with mini carabiner or 25g with retractable cable and mini carabiner.

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