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The Crafty Weka Bar

The Crafty Weka Bar

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"Made lovingly with care in Christchurch, New Zealand, our bars are packed with protein, fibre, and whole grains. They’re addictively tasty, incredibly satisfying and perfect for on the go.

Made with real, clean ingredients, we love that our bars are crafted to show exactly what’s inside. We’re strong believers that you can taste the difference in a product that’s made the old-fashioned way. That’s why we make our bars in small batches, ensuring your Crafty Weka Bar is of the highest quality, time and time again."

✔️ Soy-Free

✔️ Dairy-Free

✔️ Egg-Free

✔️ NZ Manuka Honey

✔️ 0% Nasties

✔️ Sulfate-Free

✔️ Pesticide-Free

✔️ NZ Oats

✔️ Made in Christchurch

✔️ Compostable Packaging

✔️ Certified Halal

✔️ Flavour is key

✔️ Refined-Sugar-Free

✔️ 100% Natural

✔️ Wholefoods Ingredients

✔️ Slow-release energy

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